Product presentation


Ethernet fiber optic telephone node host

Product introduction

SPHJ series of industrial phone, support a variety of formats and interfaces, analog phone support digital program-controlled switching, IP phone support SIP2.0 session protocol, can match with any SIP voice communication system, support a wide voltage input range, can provide 12V DC or 220V AC power input.Products specifically for industrial production field, urban underground pipe gallery, highway tunnels and other special application scenario development, using the out SMC fuselage, fanless design, low power consumption, strong anti-jamming capability, at the same time, carry the trumpet loudspeaker can replace traditional broadcast system, which can realize two-way radio and broadcast system integration applications, IP phone support remote WEB debugging and unified network management, especially suitable for large-scale deployment。Multiple I/O ports reserved for IP phone can realize video linkage, alarm linkage, access control and other customized functions, in line with the industry trend of platform and linkage.

Product overview

Industrial embedded processor, strong performance, stable and reliable。

SMC/DMC body, IP66 protection class, dustproof/waterproof/moisture-proof.

Standard RJ11, IP phone dual RJ45 network port design。

Operating temperature: -30°C ~+60°C.


Analog phones support standard 3.4k frequency band, IP phones support 20~8KHz ultra-wide sampling rate.

Strong system extension compatibility, analog phone support any brand program-controlled switch, IP phone support the standard sip2.0-based SIP voice system.

IP phone support G.722, G.711, G.729 voice codec.

Support full duplex intercom function, support loudspeaker function。

Sensitivity of IP phone speakers and microphones can be set remotely via WEB or dispatcher。
Ultra wide operating voltage: 12VDC (9-18v) or 220VAC (100-240vac).

Structure size


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